Dirty Mouth Vocal Instrument: $15.00 usd
Filthy Brazillo Character Guitar: $8.00 usd

Tone Arm Instruments Dirty Mouth is a character instrument built from an Alto acappella diva. This is a Dirty Instrument -- although the samples are edited and cleaned, it sounds dirty. That dirt may be the hiss of magnetic tape, the sound of the saxophone reed, the squeek of fingers moving mid melody or like here, the rushed inhalations of a performer reaching for that high note and deformed syllables.

Tone Arm's Dirty Mouth has five patches: Dirty Bum, Dirty Bum Fast, Dirty We, Dirty LA, Dirty Doo. Three velocities. 5 x RR. Three Octaves. Over 1900 samples!

Tone Arm Instrument's Filthy Brazillo Guitar is a character instrument built from a 1950's recordings of a Jazz virtuoso*. Because this instrument was deconstructed from a song, you'll find the tone highly musical.  This is a Filthy Instrument -- although the samples have been edited and cleaned, dirt is retained. That dirt may be the hiss of magnetic tape, the rushed inhalations of a performer or the squeek of fingers moving mid melody.


Multi-velocity. Three Octaves. Gaff Noises. Round Robin (RRx 3).

Dirty Jazz Bass: $10.00 usd

Tone Arm Instruments Dirty Jazz Bass is a character instrument built off a 1968 recording of a master artist. After intense study and scrutiny, this recording was recreated using authentic "state of the art" gear, circa 1968. Because this instrument was built off a song, the tone is highly musical.  This is not the "yazz" bass of your local winery.  Although the samples have been edited and cleaned, some dirt is retained.  This is Acoustic Bass from a time when the instrument was connected to littered streetscapes. 

Multi-velocity: varied. Long and Short. Playing FX - long only. Round Robin - short only. Over 600 samples. 124 MB uncompressed, 67.7 MB compressed.

End User Agreement:

Tone Arm Instruments creates instruments using multiple techniques. Unless otherwise stated, purchase and download of an instrument constitutes acceptance and agreement to the following terms. Unless otherwise stated, purchasers are licensees only and may use instruments and samples for private and public commercial compositional releases. Samples may not be used in other sample libraries, sample instruments, synthesized instruments, software, applications or any other Tone Arm Instrument-like-business or product. "Filthy Instruments" may be built from commercial recordings. Although it is Tone Arm Instruments belief that these instruments constitute "fair use," and thus, are usable in commercial releases, they are provided for academic use only. Use of a "Filthy Instrument" in a commercial recording, composition or any other use constitutes a direct assumption of risk by the purchaser for all damages incurred regardless of type. In the event of dispute the laws of Massachusetts shall apply. All legal disputes are to be put to a neutral third-party arbiter of Tone Arm Instruments (its owners, directors, agents, employees or board members) choosing, in either the owner's state of residence, domicile or Tone Arm Instrument's state of incorporation. In all matters, issues, and disputes arising out of the purchase of a Tone Arm Instrument, Purchaser agrees to hold Tone Arm Instruments, and its agents, employees, actors, directors, board, and any other party affiliated with the production of such instruments, harmless, for all damages caused by the use, misuse or failure to use a Tone Arm Instrument product, service or intellectual property.